Lash Health Symposium:

A Comprehensive Guide to Optimal Lash Care


60 minutes

Welcome to the Lash Health Symposium, a pivotal event bringing together renowned dermatologists and seasoned lash technicians. This symposium is dedicated to the vital topic of maintaining healthy lashes, a cornerstone of both beauty and eye health. In this session, you will gain in-depth knowledge and practical advice on:

  • The anatomy and lifecycle of eyelashes, explained by leading dermatologists.
  • Best practices for lash care and maintenance, shared by expert lash technicians.
  • Understanding and preventing common lash issues, such as breakage and loss.
  • The role of nutrition and lifestyle in promoting lash health.
  • Insights into the latest treatments and products for lash enhancement and care.

This symposium is an unmissable opportunity for beauty professionals, enthusiasts, and anyone interested in lash health. Register now by filling out the form with your first name, last name, email, and phone number, and embark on a journey to discover the secrets of healthy, beautiful lashes.


Sylwia Walus

VP and Head of Education & Product Development

Shelby Tarleton

Salon Owner & Host of Lash Boss Radio

Brittany Hawse

Celebrity Lash Artist & Founder of Beauty Books

Vanessa Molica

CEO of The Lash Professional & Founder of The Lash & Sugar Company

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