Summer 2023 Lash Trends

Embrace the Drama and Define Your Gaze

Drama. Texture. Iconic inspiration. Summer 2023 is all about embracing everything from textured to playful, there’s a trend to suit every personality and occasion. So, go ahead and define your gaze with these captivating lash trends. Embrace the drama, unleash your inner beauty, and let your lashes steal the show! Sit back, relax, and let’s explore the lash trends that will elevate your look to the next level.


Textured Lash Extensions: Adding Depth and Dimension

If you’re tired of the traditional uniform lash look, textured lash extensions are here to save the day. This trend involves blending various lash lengths and thicknesses to create a multidimensional effect. 

Think wispy strands mixed with fuller lashes, creating a captivating texture that mimics the natural flutter of real lashes. These extensions add depth and dimension, giving your eyes a mesmerizing allure.

To achieve this look, lash technicians skillfully combine longer closed fans with short open fans, strategically placing them throughout your lash line. The result? Lashes that are both glamorous and effortlessly chic.


Wet Lashes: Sleek and Wispy

Not sure what to write here but its basically closed volume fans that mimic classic lashes (classics are the single lash extensions not a volume fan) but makes it slightly fuller. It really draws the eye open. (So you can write something more clever lol)


Barbiecore Lashes: Doll eye, Plush, and Defined

Inspired by the iconic Barbie, whose major motion picture starring Margot Robbie is set to hit the screens this summer, Barbiecore lashes are all about embracing the concept of “more is more.” These lashes are ultra-full, plush, and defined, offering a bold, doll-like appearance that exudes confidence and playfulness.

To achieve this trend, lash technicians use a combination of volume lash extensions, placing the length in the center of the eye. The result? Lashes that are both extravagant and enchanting, perfect for those who love to make a statement.


What are your favorite lash trends?

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