Working for the Advancement of Lashing

We are a small but dedicated group of people from different backgrounds coming together to support the empowerment of lash artists. We believe in the future of the lash industry, and our goal is to be of service to a community that brings so much happiness to so many.
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Michelle Davies

Founder & CEO

What I Love About ALA:

I remember the first time I got lashes. I was a model for my daughter and it took a grueling 4 hours on a hotel table…so glad that’s changed! I’ve always been a minimalist when it comes to make up and I thought at the time ‘this is crazy!’ Needless to say I quickly became a Lash Addict. What I love about lashes is the sheer simplicity. You look fantastic and better yet you feel beautiful which means you feel confident; what a beautiful gift to give a woman at any age!

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Cristina Fard

Executive Director

What I Love About ALA:

My favorite thing to hear are the stories of people using the lash skills to take themselves out of poverty and into a life of financial freedom. This profession transforms lives! Of course there is this awesome confidence boost for the client, but the lash artist turned business owner is the fastest growing sector of the beauty industry today. It’s an honor to help represent their interests.

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Spencer Philippo


What I Love About ALA:

The Lash Industry is new, just emerging and becoming one of the most important beauty segments in the professional beauty world. It has brought something to everyone from teenagers to elders. It's amazing to watch its growth, fueled by organic social marketing, small business development, and home schooled entrepreneurs. This Industry is giving everyone an even playing field to become their own boss and grow their brands in their own way. It is true independence! The American Lash Association is a way to empower and support all of the Lash Artists across America and the world. They can guide their industry in a way that reflects their own commitment and pride. It's a grass roots industry, being built by the small business owners that have created it. I love being a part of such an amazing movement!

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Ashley Davies

Executive Assistant & Membership Support

What I Love About ALA:

What I love most is our sense of community. Connecting with others who share common experiences can create lifelong friendships. And being a part of such a unique community provides each member with access to a wealth of knowledge, benefits and opportunities they might not have had otherwise. Community makes us stronger

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Tia Moskowitz

Creative & Special Events Director

What I Love About ALA:

What I love most are the people. The ALA has brought together a collection of individuals happy to each contribute a wealth of creativity and innovative spirit. This unique collaboration has created a foundation for an amazing community moving forward.

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Brittany Hawse

Industry Advocate & Brand Partner

What I Love About ALA:

I love the idea behind ALA because when you start out as a solo lash artist it can be lonely, and overwhelming. ALA is giving lash artists a community that you can join to get support and meet other artists on the same journey as you.

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Alessandro Fard

UX Design & Digital Development, CreateApe

What I Love About ALA:

I love the sense of community and the idea that whether you’re completely new in the industry, or a veteran of many years, there is something for everyone. To learn, grow, and collaborate as an industry is both powerful and impactful. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Join Us At LASHCON 2023

Prepare to be blown away by our incredible lineup of industry leaders at LASHCON 2023!

We’ve gathered the best and brightest minds in the biz to level up your lash artistry skills. Our speakers are here to inspire and empower you with the latest tools and techniques that will blow your client’s minds. From business strategies to marketing tactics and everything in between, we’ve got you covered! (and don’t forget about the afterparties with all your new lash artist friends…)

We’ll Cover:

  • Using Facebook Ads
  • Improving your profit margins
  • Tax tips for solo entrepreneurs
  • Building your own educational empire
  • Growing your business with Instagram
  • Creating messages that connect with your target audience
  • And so, so much more!

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