Neck and Back Stretches All Lash Artists Should Do Daily

People that work desk jobs aren’t the only ones in danger of neck and back pain. Sitting for hours on end is something that goes with the territory for lash artists. If you are guilty of sitting endlessly without getting up or stretching, resolve to make a change today.

Sitting for too long can increase the stress to your neck, back, shoulders, and even your arms and legs. Even worse, poor posture can compound your problems. If you want to have a thriving career as a lash artist, you must take the steps to take care of yourself. Here’s how!

Start Your Day with a Good Stretch

Before you work on your first client, make sure you stretch all your muscles. Focus on your upper body to loosen things up. Don’t forget though that you need to make time in between your appointments to get up, walk around, and stretch yourself out again.

Shoulder Stretches

Your shoulders bear the brunt of your work as a lash artist. To loosen them up, grab one of your elbows and gently pull that arm into your chest. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds, then switch sides. 

Neck Stretches

You don’t want to affect your posture or have what they call ‘tech neck’ ruining your look. Stretch your neck by gently tilting your head towards one shoulder for a comfortable stretch, holding for 15 to 30 seconds. Release, then repeat this head tilt on the other side. 

Upper Back Stretches

That upper back can get super-sore after a day full of lash appointments. Stretch your upper back by clasping your hands together. Turn them so your thumbs point downward, then round your shoulders, reaching forward as far as possible to stretch your upper back. Release after 15 to 30 seconds. 

Triceps Stretches

For the ultimate in arm strength, take care of your triceps. You should bring one elbow up behind your head while keeping the arm bent. Use the other hand to grab your elbow, then lightly pull your elbow to your head. After holding, switch sides.

Hold a Good Posture Through Every Appointment

Stretching at the start of your day as well as between appointments will go a long way. You can set a reminder in your phone until you build up this good habit. As good as stretching is though, don’t forget to uphold proper posture. You’ll find doing so will alleviate much of the pressure you experience in this line of work. 

The key is to try to keep a slight bend in your arms and knees while you’re seated and performing your work. Meanwhile, your back should be as straight as possible and supported by your chair. If you don’t have a proper chair, invest in one. You’ll be glad you did!

Be conscious of when you lean in over a client a little more, and try to refrain from slouching or straining yourself. If you notice you’re slumping, roll your shoulders back and reset your sitting position.

Once you make a habit of stretching and good posture while working on your lash clients, you’ll find you feel less fatigued and sore at the end of each day. And that translates to having more energy to keep going in your career!

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