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The ALA Leadership Council

Guiding the Lash Industry Forward

Each member of the ALA Leadership Council graciously serves the ALA on behalf of the lash community to promote professional standards, inclusivity, authenticity, and integrity. Coming from various backgrounds, with a wide range of professional lash experience, our council guides the lash industry forward.

About The ALA Leadership Council

There are a number of challenges facing our industry as it grows. Our leadership council exists to promote our shared professional vision, and empower lash artists to push for best practices that support our sector instead of stifling it. The ALA Leadership Council is comprised of experts from the world of lashing. Individually, they are lash brand owners, lash artists, salon owners, educators, and influencers who together collectively set the Association's agenda.

Council Goals:

Coming Together As A Distinct Sector
To build a solid support network and empower each artist through any challenges they may face in their career.
Helping Our Clients & The General Public
Understand and appreciate our training and values as beauty professionals.
Promoting A High Standard
Around business ethics and social responsibility to create a nationally-respected association for our growing industry.

Our Leadership Council

Thank you to the amazing industry leaders who have volunteered their time and expertise to help our community thrive.

Kimber Jaynes


I am thrilled to join the American Lash Association’s Leadership Council, a community dedicated to supporting lash artists, professionals, and industry regulations. With over a decade of experience growing a successful lash brand, I am eager to contribute valuable insights, fostering growth, and sharing my expertise in business to elevate our industry collectively.

Paul & Tussanee Luebbers

Co-Hosts LashCast & Co-Founders LASHCON

Building a positive community and empowering lash artists is at the core of our mission. When we learned about the ALA and their vision, we were thrilled to find that we share similar goals. It is an absolute privilege to collaborate with the ALA to serve our lash community.

Shelby Tarleton

Salon Owner & Host of Lash Boss Radio

I love that the ALA is bringing so many resources to new and seasoned lash artists. At the same time, they prioritize community and mental health which is such an impactful contribution to our industry.

Sylwia Walus

VP and Head of Education & Product Development

I’m absolutely thrilled that our industry now has an official association – how amazing is that! It’s a warm and friendly space for lash artists of all levels, from Newbies to Masters, to access a wide range of tools and resources, build connections, and be inspired! I feel honored to be a part of the leadership council, and I can’t wait to share my experience and all the amazing things my team at LASHBOX has learned to help our community grow in an inspiring and innovative way.

Michelle Nguyen


ALA is the community I wish I had when I was a beginner lash artist. Being self-taught at lashing with no business background, I struggled to navigate the lash world and running my salon. For the longest time, the lash industry was full of gatekeeping, with limited resources. When I found the ALA and learned what ALA is about, I literally busted out loud, “finally, this is what the lash world desperately needs!” ALA is all about building the community, providing resources, webinars, discounts, and support from multiple educators, and lash brands. ALA at its early stage has attracted many big brands and educators simply because we all see the need for it. I’m honored to join the ALA council to continue to give back to the lash community that built us here at PLA. And I can’t wait for all the positive changes the ALA brings to our wonderful industry!

Christopher Carr


I became part of the ALA because, to me, it represents a family of like-minded individuals. This is not just an association; it’s a community where we support each other, share our experiences, and grow together. Joining the leadership council allows me to be part of something special, something that goes beyond professional collaboration—it’s about connecting on a personal level with fellow lash artists and contributing to our collective success story.

Kourtnie Warden

Salon Owner & CEO of Lash Essential

I am thrilled to be a part of ALA because they are a community focused on growth and empowerment for the lash world! This is a no-brainer if you are invested in growing your business, or seeking a supportive network invested in your success. If only this was around when I was starting out!

Vanessa Molica

CEO of The Lash Professional & Founder of The Lash & Sugar Company

This is the community lash artists have been waiting for. It’s an incredible opportunity to engage with other lash leaders, and to foster the type of lash community we all wished we had during our come up.

Brittany Hawse

Celebrity Lash Artist & Founder of Beauty Books

Being a solo lash artist can be a lonely and overwhelming journey. That’s why I love the idea behind ALA. It provides a community where lash artists can find support and connect with others on the same journey. It’s about turning a solitary venture into a collective experience, where we all grow and thrive together.

Christine Petrun

Lash Artist, Educator and Owner of Eyeland Lash

The American Lash Association isn’t just a professional decision; it’s a personal journey of growth and empowerment. This community goes beyond networking – it’s a tight-knit family of Lash Artists, who understand the industry’s ins and outs. They don’t just guide your career; they walk with you, offering invaluable connections and new avenues for lash education. The American Lash Association is where passion meets mentorship, uniting YOU with the best in the country in a collective of support and inspiration. It’s not just an association; it’s YOUR personal key to becoming the best lash artist YOU can be.

Explore Our Council's Area of Focus

Professional Standards

Our professional standards council is creating a benchmark that all artists should strive to meet in order to best represent our industry, protect our clients, and keep the lash industry growing strong!

Developing The Professional Framework

To uphold and promote a shared vision, our professional standards council is identifying and communicating best practices and standards to guide our members throughout their careers.

Defining Values & Ethics

As our industry expands, our conduct matters more than ever! We're researching and recommending standards around values and ethics, safety, integrity, and inclusion to ensure we can help each client look and feel their best.

Leading The Beauty World By Example

By defining a stringent professional code for our community, we can become true trendsetters and spread the love of lashing with passion and sincerity — all while building the most trusted beauty community in the world!

Health & Safety

Our Safety and Health Council is dedicated to promoting practices and standards to protect our profession (and our client’s eyes). It’s not just about keeping a clean workspace, we research and share best practices for safe lash application with all our members — a crucial process for all the new products, tools, and techniques.

Researching & Communicating

Our health and safety council is committed to researching and promoting the safety and health standards that should be employed universally in our industry.

Promoting Best Practices

New products, techniques, and tools hit the market every month. That's why we research and promote new best practices constantly to protect our career and clients.

Raising Awareness

Our goal is to identify and communicate concerns related to products, ingredients, tools, and applications that lash artists should be aware of as they become more popular.


The Advocacy Council is taking on efforts to secure our place as a professional sector in the beauty industry. They advise our members on government regulations, professional standards, and public awareness — connecting them with resources and empowering them to be their own advocates.

Identifying Legal Challenges

The Advocacy Council researches and shares the challenges that legislation and regulations bring to our industry, connecting our members with helpful information and educational tools to help them advocate for themselves.

Advocating For Lash Technicians

Lash Artistry is a distinct sector of professionals in the esthetics industry. Our goal is to research and share updates around licensing, best practices, and safe application — inspiring our members to advance their own careers as our field grows.

Encouraging Growth & Development

We want to see each lash artist to succeed in their career. That means we're committed to give each of our members the advice and professional support to overcome career obstacles and stay competitive.


Through your training and experience, you have the skills to be a lash artist. But an ALA accreditation isn’t about validating your certifications. Our council uses a unique process to acknowledge individuals dedicated to the highest professional standards, representing our field beautifully in the minds of clients, industry players, and the general public.

Business Ethics & Social Responsibility

Our client’s needs are at the heart of everything, and we’re committed to creating a nationally accepted quality benchmark for lash artists built on the professionalism, integrity, and values our clients and the public expect from us.

Upholding High Standards For Lash Artists

We're identifying the minimum standards our members should provide their clients and colleagues while defining the values and ethics lash artists should uphold every time they step into their studios.

Recognizing Excellence In Our Industry

We're establishing a framework for certified lash technicians to have their qualifications recognized, consistently uphold the values and ethics of our industry, and be seen as the passionate professionals they are.

Join the American Lash Association today, and help us unite the lash industry!

Want to lead lashing into the future? Become a member, join a council, and become an advocate for those with a passion for lashes!

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