Leadership Council Guidelines & Expectations

Picture this: the ALA Leadership Council is the nucleus of innovation and forward motion, where collective wisdom gathers to pave the way ahead. Holding a keen pulse on the lash industry's rhythm, this council is on a dedicated mission to refine the trajectory of the American Lash Association (ALA).

With collaborative spirit, expert insights, and shared dedication, council members actively sculpt the ALA's landscape, ensuring it resonates harmoniously with the ever-evolving industry landscape.

Leading the Path Forward

Consider the council not just a gathering, but a living embodiment of momentum. As we navigate the ALA's course, council members lend their voices to a symphony of ideas, strategies, and aspirations. In this vibrant arena, decisions aren't merely made; they are nurtured through discussions, the exchange of perspectives, and the richness of invaluable expertise.

By joining the Leadership Council, you step into the role of a change catalyst. As you join hands with fellow industry leaders, you embark on a transformative journey, shaping the very fabric of lash artistry's future. Together, we amplify standards, foster growth, and nurture a dynamic community. Your unwavering dedication and expertise fuel the engines that propel the ALA's mission to breathtaking heights.

Guidelines & Expectations:

Collaborative Direction:
Collaborate on defining the ALA’s agenda, including benefits, programs, and advocacy campaigns.
Provide input and consensus on the association’s strategic direction.
Contribute to shaping the ALA’s initiatives through discussions and sharing perspectives.
Supportive Advocates:
Act as visible advocates for the ALA, promoting its mission, values, and efforts within the lash industry.
Serve as positive ambassadors, representing the association at industry events and engagements.
Expertise Contribution:
Leverage your expertise and experience to contribute meaningfully to areas aligned with your passions.
Participate in working groups dedicated to specific topics, providing insights, advice, and advocacy.
Professional Standards:
Offer expert guidance on maintaining and enhancing professional standards within the lash industry.
  • Collaborate to identify best practices across various sectors of the lash community.
    Community Building:
    Identify and engage potential supporters and advocates for the lash industry to strengthen our collective efforts.
    Foster networking connections and approach peers for support on critical industry matters.
    Engagement and Communication:
    Engage with ALA membership, sharing updates about the council’s work and industry insights.
    Communicate council activities, meeting agendas, minutes, and frameworks with members.
    Meeting Commitments:
    Gather on a quarterly basis to navigate the path of ALA’s vision and provide insights to the working groups, as needed.
    Additional time investment might be necessary based on priority areas or requirements for progress.
    Oversight and Approval:
    Oversee the assessment of draft content and recommendations from the working groups, offering further guidance or granting approval as necessary.

ALA Leadership Council Mission

The ALA Leadership Council stands as an influential platform for valuable insights and guidance. By facilitating informed discussions, contributing expert viewpoints, and providing crucial analysis, the council empowers decision-makers by enriching understanding and bolstering confidence.

Your involvement within the Leadership Council plays a pivotal role in sculpting the future of the lash industry. Collaboratively, our objective is to elevate standards, nurture growth, and foster a vibrant community. Your unwavering dedication and expertise form the bedrock propelling the ALA's mission onward.

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