Welcome LASHCON, Besties! Lashing is Better Together

The American Lash Association is the industry’s hub for advocacy, representation, networking, and support. In honor of LASHCON, we’re inviting all attendees to join with a special discount.

Sign up before November 1st at 11 PM EST to get 25% Off your annual membership!
Our Mission

Advancing the incredible lashing experience

In the beauty world through accreditation, advocacy, and networking for its professionals.

Our Vision

A tight-knit community of inspired, supportive, and empowered lash artists

To promote the most fulfilling treatment beauty has to offer!

Joining The American Lash Association: What's In It For Me?

Lash extensions are on the rise and our industry is growing every day. Still, most lash artists work in isolation and that makes it hard to connect, grow, and THRIVE as a community. It's time to change that!

We're looking for the best lash artists to help us build a passion-driven beauty collective. An association that blossoms into a powerful and supportive force for lash artists everywhere.

Become a beauty trailblazer — join the ALA today! Explore the perks below.

Membership Has Its Perks

Be the first to take advantage of exclusive deals, discounts, and tools from our expansive resource library and partner programs!
Career Guidance From Leadership Councils
Blogs, Podcasts, Video Tutorials & More
Network With Lash Artists At Events
Get A Professional Accreditation
Exclusive Lash Artist Classifieds
Discounted Insurance Through ALA Partnerships

Featured Benefit: BetterHelp

Helping our clients look and feel their best is difficult when we're not feeling 100% ourselves. If you had a stressful day at the studio or if your personal life is spilling into work, get in touch with a licensed online therapist to get back on the right track.

BetterHelp Perks

All This & More, For A Whole Year, For FREE!

Become a founding member of the American Lash Association and watch our field go from "just a niche" to the most in-demand beauty treatment in the world!

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