Joining The American Lash Association: What’s In It For Me?

You love lashes. You put in LONG hours to earn your certification. You did hours of research and practice sessions to get the process down. You sat through every safety and hygiene course to protect your client’s most vulnerable features. And you love helping women feel more put-together; no matter how stressful their lives get.

But how do you show your passion for lashes and the industry you’re committed to??

Easy…by joining the American Lash Association — the team of lashing experts engaging our community and planning the future of our industry!


Let’s face it, lashing has gone mainstream — and thousands of women across the country are excited to try an easy treatment that highlights their best features. But they don’t want just anyone working on their eyes (can you blame them?)

Lashing is a new industry and the whole beauty world is watching. One bad interaction could seriously stunt the growth of our field and stain our reputation. We’re here to add an extra layer of protection for the industry we’re so deeply invested in by creating a nationally accepted benchmark for professional standards. This brings consistency and national branding to our industry’s best practices, business ethics, values, and social responsibility.

An ALA accreditation doesn’t replace your certification. Think of it as a special add-on for a lash treatment. You’ve already completed all the necessary technical training, but your accreditation represents your values as a lash artist (integrity, professionalism, reliability, and unforgettable customer service).

Long story short: One of our Leadership Councils is working on recommendations for our members to identify what best practices should be the hallmark of our brand. By getting an ALA accreditation, you can show your clients, other cosmetologists, and regulatory bodies that you’re committed to meeting the highest standards for care, quality, and ethics in our specialized field.

Got some great ideas and best practices, let us know so we can share them… or better still, give us a shout and get involved.

But we can’t have professional validation as the only perk, can we?


Beauty associations are built to look out for a stylist’s best interests, helping them overcome obstacles and blossom in their careers. Why can’t we have the same? 

Our Advocacy Council has taken on the task of building a framework that will help you grow and advance the field we love. Together, we can create the momentum needed to secure the professional standards for our industry and give you the tools to advocate for your lashing career.

By building a united brand around quality and integrity, we can work together to research and promote best practices and communicate regulations and legislation with our members to ensure compliance.

ALA members are technically trained, responsible, and passionate — and we want the beauty industry (and the lash-curious general public) to understand and appreciate our expertise. Our Advocacy Council empowers lash artists to champion the industry we love and ensure our technicians are treated as true professionals. 

Work with us to get involved and advocate for our industry!


Who said professional development had to stop once you earn your certification? Definitely not us…

With lashing being the new must-have beauty treatment, new products and techniques are introduced every month. Being your neighborhood’s go-to lash artist means staying ahead of the curve to offer your clients the latest and greatest our industry has to offer.

With your ALA membership, you don’t have to trend-chase alone. We always have a perfectly-manicured finger on the pulse, and we’ve partnered with educational institutes, influencers, and lashing experts to teach you all the newest styles.

We know that making time for learning is easier said than done. But good news…our resource library is open 24/7. Got some downtime at the studio, a lull between appointments, or a free evening without the husband or kids? Just log in and immerse yourself in all things lashing!


Have you ever met a group of friends that share your same niche interest? Remember that feeling of being welcomed with open arms and sharing tips and tricks over brunch and bottomless mimosas?

Now, imagine being part of an elite community of lash artists that understand your specialized practice and prop you up through any obstacles you encounter on your career path. Our goal at the ALA is to give each qualified lash artist that feeling of belonging in an industry that doesn’t always give us our flowers.

You have your work besties at the studio, now it’s time to make connections all around the country. Meet other lash artists, make new friends, follow the forums, and share your knowledge and insider secrets to empower each other and promote the field we love.

Join The Queen Bees Of Lashing

Want to be a leader in lashing? Want to have your services validated by the most qualified lash artists in the biz? Want to elevate lash treatments to the most essential beauty treatment in the country?

You gotta get with the American Lash Association!

Joining is easier than applying your favorite mascara (and probably cheaper than your monthly Sephora haul). So what are you waiting for? Get started and unlock all the membership perks today!

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