Importance of Hydration for Estheticians

Promote the Best Beauty by Filling Up Your Cup

Why You Should Make Hydration a Priority as a Beauty Professional

A typical day at the salon or spa can be a whirlwind for beauty professionals. Those back to back appointments definitely make the day go by quickly. But most of you are sitting for hours on end, and you’re neglecting a key part of your health.

Ironically, this simple thing you neglect is the driving force of beauty. Right at the very base of it…water! You’re not drinking enough of it. And no, that iced coffee doesn’t count as hydration!

In your efforts to make your clients feel their most beautiful, you’re neglecting yourself. Very likely, your clients are doing the same. Did you know statistically 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated? Most women that are busy juggling work, kids, fur babies and life in general forget this simple act of self-care. It’s time to change all that!

What’s So Important About Proper Hydration?

Remember, a healthy body is a beautiful one. That means working on the inside as well as the outside to keep skin, hair, nails, and all the rest of it glowing. 

Did you know, according to a US Geological Survey water makes up:

73% of the human brain 

83% of lungs

73% of the heart

79% of muscles

31% of bones

79% of kidneys

Drinking enough water each day serves a number of purposes. For one, it helps keep your body temperature regulated. For another, it keeps your joints lubricated. You work with your hands every day and you need those intricate joints in your fingers working without a hitch.

All your organs need water too for their best functionality. Don’t forget my esthe besties that skin is an organ itself, and the largest one at that. To properly promote the best beauty for yourself and your clients, you really need to drink up more of the clear stuff (and I don’t mean vodka) It will bring more oxygen to all your cells, including skin cells, for a healthier, more radiant look. Plus, it will help improve your overall well-being from your digestion to your sleep quality, and even your cognition and mood. 

How to Drink More Water

It’s not too late to make a change and start prioritizing your self-care. Start by drinking more water as an easy first step to your best health. Here’s how you can do that!

– Keep a Water Bottle with You

Get one that’s fun, flashy, and your style. You’ll be more likely to drink from it, plus your clients will notice and be reminded that they too should drink more water. Side bonus: your unique water bottle can’t be confused with anyone else’s cup at your salon! Check out this link to get 10% off of those cute Stanley Cups  we see all over instagram!

– Drink Water with Your Meals

You may have appointments all day, but sneak in the back and have your lunch. You need a refuel to do your best work. While you’re there, have water with it rather than guzzling down that iced coffee or a soda. 

– Add a Garnish

If you’re not drinking enough water because you find it bland, try jazzing it up. A little squirt of lemon or lime will do the trick in more ways than one. Plus, you’ll be getting extra vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals along with more flavor, making it easier for you to drink enough water to stay hydrated every day.

Take care of yourself because women are coming to you to look and feel their best. While you can help on the outside, being a positive influence for proper hydration can only improve their results!

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