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What does “community” mean to you? Is it a collective of people that share your values and work towards a common goal? Is it your favorite coworkers giving you all the latest industry gossip? Or are they just a supportive group of friends you can lean on while your career blossoms?

Why can’t they be all three?

The American Lash Association doesn’t just want to bring people together (although the fun networking opportunities don’t hurt). We want each and every lash artist to see the endless possibilities of a beauty career, even in the unique sector of lash styling.

After all, our passion for lashes doesn’t disappear when we leave the studio. That’s why we’ve built the ultimate 24/7 online hub for each artist to advocate for the practice, invest in their career development, and get the professional recognition they deserve. 

Our Mission: Advancing The Most Incredible Beauty Experience In The World

Okay, we might be a little biased in saying that lash extensions are the best beauty treatment. But we think everyone should experience the confidence from a long and healthy set of lashes for themselves!

Lashing becomes more and more popular worldwide with each passing year. Pretty soon, extensions will become a regular part of every woman’s beauty ritual. We’re not just a niche experience anymore — and our professionals deserve to be treated as the experts they are.

We’re out to create purposeful momentum for our community driven by passion and sincerity. ALA artists chose a career in lashing because they love helping their clients feel more put-together by simply highlighting their best features. Lash artists put in tons of work to earn their certification, and we believe they deserve to feel that same sense of confidence every time they step into their studio. 

We want to empower every lash artist in the country to get involved with their community and totally immerse themselves in their career. We’re doing this by creating an online platform for promoting and advancing the incredible lashing experience in the beauty world through accreditation, advocacy, and networking for its professionals. 

You’ve already completed the necessary training and education to work on your client’s eyes. But every beauty mogul needs a boost now and then. We’re here to help you build your lash empire by setting professional standards for our industry, promoting our field, and connecting you with the best artists in the country to guide you on your lashing journey.

Our Vision: A Tight-Knit Community Of Inspired, Supportive, and Empowered Lash Artists

What would we do without our work besties? They get us through our long, chaotic days at the studio with their practical advice, a good dose of humor, and the occasional Starbucks run. But not every lash artist has this consistent support, especially if they’re an independent stylist or move between locations throughout the week.

A stable and supportive foundation built on shared values is absolutely essential in every flourishing industry. To keep our professional movement growing strong, we’re creating an avenue for lash artists to carry each other through obstacles, trade useful tips and tricks, and cheer on their colleagues as they advance in their careers. 

We’re out to redefine what “community” means for a lash artist. With an American Lash Association membership, your support system doesn’t have to be limited to a studio. You can chat about your business and share your knowledge with certified technicians all around the country, building your own tight-knit community of inspired, supportive, and empowered lash artists that share your ethics and values.

Do you want to discuss a new product that just hit the market? Is there an application technique you’re curious about? Or maybe there’s a new Instagram trend and you want to hear opinions from trusted lash artists before trying it with your clients. Now you don’t have to scour the internet to find helpful, lash-focused content. 

We provide several opportunities for lash artists to connect and share insights about the field we love. From forums and articles to mentorship and events, you don’t have to navigate your lashing career alone. Get all the encouragement you need from the professionals that understand your specialized practice and want to see you thrive!

Our Goal: Uniting The Best Lash Artists The Country Has To Offer Into A Motivated Beauty Collective

We love being a part of the glamorous beauty industry — but let’s be real…lash artists don’t get much support or professional recognition from esthetician or cosmetology institutions after we finish our formal education. But as lashing becomes mainstream and more salons want to expand their services, they need our guidance and expertise now more than ever.

You’ve gone through the courses, you’ve practiced for hours, you know the proper techniques and best practices, and you’ve committed yourself to a high standard of excellence in your unique field. You’ve definitely earned your place in our elite community dedicated to securing our place in the beauty sphere.

Our goal is to give every certified lash artist a feeling of belonging in an industry that doesn’t always give us our flowers. By bringing our entire community together into a united brand of devoted and motivated professionals, we can make lashing as necessary as a haircut, brow wax, or facial!

Our Strategies:

  • Guiding & Promoting Professional Standards: ALA members are technically trained, professional, and passionate — and we want our clients (and the lash-curious general public) to know and appreciate this. We want to set the highest possible standard for safety, hygiene, and reliability in the beauty industry and lead by example.
  • Staying Ahead In An Ever-Growing Industry: You never know when the next big trend is gonna break through in the lashing world. That’s why we’re constantly keeping our ears to the ground. We’re always researching new best practices, innovative techniques, and the latest products to share with our members.
  • Bringing Our Community Together: On top of our online platform, we hold in-person events and promote networking within our field. After all, a connected community is a strong one. Together, we can build brands and bolster individuals and businesses — creating a supportive foundation for the industry we love.
  • Special Prices & Discounts: Think of us as your friend with benefits (literally). We’ve teamed up with our partner groups to negotiate lower prices for a lash artist’s must-haves (liability, medical, dental, and disability insurance). And with special discounts for marketing, business, and educational tools, there’s no stopping your growth!

Move Beauty Forward With Every Lash

We’re the most sought-after membership in the beauty world for a reason. The ALA sets the shiniest diamond standard for quality while providing limitless growth opportunities and insider secrets for our members. 

Through our massive resource library, networking opportunities, and partner connections, there’s no telling where your lash career can take you. You have the talent, you have the skills, you have the drive — now get the recognition you deserve!

We can’t shape the values, ethics, and standards of our industry on our own. We need the help of spirited and knowledgeable professionals (just like you) to uphold our mission and help us lead the charge. Join the American Lash Association and become a leader in lashing.

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