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Professional Standards & Code of Ethics

Congratulations on joining the American Lash Association (ALA), where your journey as a dedicated lash artist takes center stage. We understand the effort and passion you've poured into perfecting your craft, and that's why we're thrilled to introduce you to our ALA Professional Standards and Code of Ethics.

These aren't just guidelines; they're your roadmap to excellence, integrity, and professionalism in the lash world.

Elevate Your Commitment

Embrace the industry's Best Practices

By pledging your dedication to these principles, you're not only shaping your own success but also shaping the industry's future. And guess what? Your commitment doesn't go unnoticed. Once you've embraced these standards, you'll receive a personalized Member Certificate – a tangible testament to your journey, signed by our Executive Director. Because your hard work deserves to be celebrated, and your dedication to the industry's best practices for professional standards, ethics, and integrity is nothing short of remarkable. 

As you receive your Member Certificate, let this moment be a powerful reminder that this industry is not just a path you've chosen – it's a commitment you've passionately embraced. The hard work you've invested in perfecting your craft deserves recognition, and your Certificate stands as a symbol of your dedication. This is your industry, a space where your determination and expertise shine. 

So take pride in your achievements, wear your certificate with honor, and continue to raise the bar for excellence in the lash world. You've earned it, and we're here to celebrate your journey every step of the way. Welcome to a community that's as devoted to your success as you are.

ALA Professional Standards

At the ALA, we understand the sweat and effort you've put into earning that Lash Artist Certification. Your skills truly deserve a spotlight that's all about integrity and top-notch professionalism. Our ALA Professional Standards have your back – they're like a solid foundation that proudly showcases your ethical values as the bedrock of our industry.

American Lash Association professional standards
  • Adhesive Artistry: Rocking those individual/volume eyelash extensions with pro-grade adhesive.
  • Sticking to the Rules: Following adhesive guidelines like a pro.
  • Gentle Goodbyes: Saying farewell to extensions using pro remover gel.
  • Cluster-Free Zone: No clusters/flares with that professional adhesive.
  • Top-Notch Products: Using reputable companies’ products with MSDS reports.
  • Playing by the Rules: Staying cool with the laws of esthetics and lash treatments.
  • Client First: Nudging clients toward eye experts for irritation troubles.
  • No Red Flags: Skipping irritated clients till they’re all calm.
  • Allergy Alert: Stepping away from treating allergic clients.
  • Clean Is Cool: Keeping your treatment space squeaky clean.
  1. Furry Friends Stay Home: No animals allowed in your lash domain.
  2. Germ-Free Gear: Sterilizing tools and area between clients like a champ.
  3. One and Done: Bye-bye to mascara wands and one-time tools.
  4. Tool TLC: Disinfecting reusable tools like a seasoned pro with a High-Level Chemical Solution.
  5. Quality Counts: No working on subpar lash jobs, client safety first!
  6. Positivity Only:  Nixing negative talk about fellow lashers’ work.
  7. Privacy Protector: Guarding client secrets and privacy like a pro.
  8. Lash Mentor Extraordinaire: Guiding newbies with grace.
  9. Fair Play:  Setting prices with respect and not undercutting pals.
  10. Pro All the Way: Showcasing your pro vibes in all you do.

ALA Code of Ethics

Welcome to the ALA community, where expertise, professionalism, and passion unite! Our members, present and future, deserve to connect with professionals who live and breathe integrity, ethics, and client happiness. Our Code of Ethics is your guiding star, ensuring your ALA membership means top-notch care and unwavering ethical standards. It's like a roadmap for being your best lash self while embracing the ALA Professional Standards. 

With this Code of Ethics, you're not just a lash artist – you're a trailblazer who lights up the industry with integrity, compassion, and brilliance.

American Lash Association Code of Ethics
  1. Pro Behavior All the Way: Keeping the Flag of Professionalism Flying High!
  2. Fair Play for All: Treating everyone on the level.
  3. Clean & Safe Zone: Making sure your spot is safe and clean.
  4. No Compromises: No shortcuts that mess with client safety.
  5. Honest Talk: Talking to clients with honesty and class.
  6. Price Right: Charging fairly, no wild numbers!
  7. Real Claims Only: Keeping it real, no fake claims.
  1. Legal Eagle: Keeping tabs on the rules and regulations.
  2. Safety Net: Having that liability insurance locked in.
  3. Learning Never Stops: Committed to learning, growing, excelling.
  4. No to Discrimination: Fostering a respectful and inclusive space.
  5. Standards Matter: Sticking to the ALA Professional Guidelines.
  6. Champion of Excellence: Striving for lash greatness every day.

ALA Guidelines for Industry Standards

Guidelines that Light Up Your Lash Journey

Keeping things clean, comfy, and oh-so-professional is the name of the game in our lash world. The ALA Guidelines are like your trusty sidekick, making sure your clients are safe, cozy, and super satisfied.

When you stick to these guidelines, you're shouting out loud that you're all about that top-notch experience – a true reflection of your dedication and skills. These guidelines are your way of saying, "Hey, I'm serious about delivering excellence," and they're the natural extension of the commitment you made when you got certified.

Your commitment to excellence shines through when you maintain a space that's clean, secure, and respectful for your cherished clients. These standards aren't just about professionalism; they're a living proof of your dedication to the very essence of our industry.

Here at the American Lash Association, we're giving a high-five to your unwavering determination to give your clients nothing but the best. Following these guidelines is your way of saying that you're all in for creating a lash experience that truly cares for your clients' well-being while setting a sky-high benchmark for our industry. Cheers to your dedication and we're super excited to see all the fantastic things you'll do with the ALA by your side!

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