Introducing the ALA Lash Artist Census

Shaping the Future of Lash Artistry


Welcome to the forefront of a groundbreaking initiative – the American Lash Association (ALA) Lash Artist Census! As trailblazers in the lash artistry community, we are proud to launch the first-ever national survey designed to gather official data about lash artists. This is not just another survey; it's a movement that empowers us to advocate for the industry, understand its dynamics, and shape a brighter future for all lash artists.

Why the Census Matters

Lash artistry is an intricate world of creativity, passion, and dedication. As the premier association representing lash artists across the nation, the ALA recognizes the need for accurate data to support our community's growth. The ALA Lash Artist Census is a significant step towards understanding the challenges, opportunities, and needs of our community, enabling us to advocate for improved standards, increased recognition, and enhanced opportunities for lash artists nationwide.

How It Works

The ALA Lash Artist Census is a quick and user-friendly online survey designed to capture quantitative data. We're utilizing a snowball sampling method, ensuring that your insights become part of an official sample size that truly represents the diverse landscape of lash artists. The survey is a collective effort that relies on your participation to paint an accurate picture of our industry's vibrancy.

Our Advocacy Campaign

Once we've amassed a substantial sample size, the ALA is gearing up for an impactful press campaign. We are committed to unveiling the survey results to the public, shining a spotlight on the vital role lash artists play in the beauty industry. This campaign isn't just about numbers; it's about advocacy, empowerment, and showcasing the dedication of lash artists like you.

Join The Movement

By participating in the ALA Lash Artist Census, you're becoming a part of something bigger than yourself. Your responses are the brushstrokes that will paint the canvas of a stronger, more informed lash community. We invite you to share your insights, tell your story, and shape the narrative of lash artistry in the United States.

Together, we're not just taking a survey

We’re taking a stand. Join us and be a voice that sparks change in the world of lash artistry.

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Media and More Info

For media inquiries or to learn more about the census and its impact, please contact Francesca Fard at Maddox Richmond. Email her at

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