Advocacy Protecting The Field We Love

We can’t secure or change professional standards alone. It takes everyone in the lash industry working together to promote our shared vision. That’s we’ve formed an advocacy sector to help you understand your business and empower you in your career.


Our council identifies and shares the challenges that new legislations and regulations bring to our industry. We’ll discuss what they mean for you and connect you with tools to help you advocate for your career.


We're always researching best practices around labor and tax laws, labeling and safe product application, and client health and safety. As our industry evolves, we're ensuring each artist can consistently uphold our quality benchmark.


Our advocacy council values your training, experience, and professional goals. They're here to help you navigate obstacles, answer your questions, and make you feel more confident and secure in your beauty career.

Our Advocacy Why It Matters

Your clients are looking for peace of mind before you start working on their eyes.

After all it is one of their best (and most vulnerable) features. You have worked hard to become a Lash Professional, and we want to help your clients and the public understand and respect the training and experience you have.

Our industry is regulated through Esthetician and Cosmetology standards, but they’re not specific to our needs or consistent in all states or provinces.

To conserve our ever-evolving sector, we provide lash artists with the resources to be their own advocates. Our goal is to help each artist support our industry through awareness and compliance with your state's best practices.

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Live Your Elle
Woods Fantasy!​

Become an advocate for those with a passion for lashes.

State Requirements Do You Have The Right License?

Think you’re ready to start working on your client’s eyes after finishing school and getting your certification? WRONG! Unfortunately, there’s not a nationally accepted license; each state has their own laws and procedures.

But don’t despair just yet. We’re here to help you understand your state’s requirements for practicing lash artistry safely. Plus, once you hold a valid license, you may be able to certify or transfer it to practice in another state!

Find Your State's Requirements

Search your state or province to view your licensing requirements.
We’ve included links to each state’s board of cosmetology,
along with fees and recommended courses!

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