About Us The Queen Bees Of Lashing

We’re the most sought-after membership in the beauty world for a reason. The ALA sets the shiniest diamond standard for quality while providing limitless growth opportunities and insider secrets for our members.


Imagine having a super-close community of lash artists to lean on as you grow in your career. The ALA gives you the chance to connect with people that know your industry and guide you to where you want to be.


More than just trend-chasing. We always have a perfectly manicured finger on the pulse of the industry. And by working tirelessly with our partners, we’re always bringing you new avenues to improve on what you already know.


You have the talent, you have the certifications, you deserve to be treated as a professional. We’re committed to sustainably growing our industry by empowering the best lash artists in the country (AKA YOU!)

Our Goal: Uniting the best lash artists in the country into a supportive and empowered beauty collective

Lash artists put in TONS of work to earn their credentials, but don't get much support from the beauty industry once their formal education ends.

Now, imagine being part of an elite community of lash artists that understand your specialized practice and prop you up through any obstacles you encounter on your career path.

Our goal at The ALA is to give each qualified lash artist a feeling of belonging in an industry that doesn’t always give us our flowers.

Our Strategies: This Is How We Do It...

As lashing becomes mainstream and more salons want to expand their services, they need our guidance and expertise now more than ever.

By forming a united brand built on professionalism, quality, and integrity, we can research, promote, and guide best practices for OUR industry.

Guiding & Promoting Professional Standards

ALA members are technically trained, professional, and passionate — and we want our clients (and the lash-curious general public) to know and appreciate this. We're interested in leading the beauty industry by example — setting the highest standards for integrity, business ethics, and client satisfaction.

Special Prices & Discounts

Think of us as your friend with benefits (literally). We’ve teamed up with our partner groups to negotiate lower prices for a lash artist’s must-haves (liability, medical, dental, and disability insurance). And with special discounts for marketing, business, and educational tools, there’s no stopping your growth!

Staying Ahead In An Ever-Growing Industry

You never know when the next big trend is gonna break through in the lashing world. That’s why we’re constantly keeping our ears to the ground. We’re always researching new best practices, innovative techniques, and the latest products to share with our members.

Bringing Our Community Together

On top of our online platform, we hold in-person events and promote networking within our field. After all, a connected community is a strong one. Together, we can build brands and bolster individuals and businesses — creating a supportive foundation for the industry we love.

Wanna Be A Leader In Lashing?

You gotta get with The ALA!

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Aug - 20 - 2023
Face & Body Skin Care Show
Sacramento, California
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Sep - 20 - 2023
Makeup in NewYork
New York City, New York
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Oct - 14 - 2023
Anaheim, California
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